US News Headline – US House to Pass Over $500 Billion in Coronovirus Relief

US News Headline – Hundreds of members of the US House of Representatives will gather in Washington on Thursday to pass the $484 billion Coronaires Relief Bill, bringing the total fund approved for the crisis to about $3 trillion. The measure is expected to be approved in the Democratic-led House with solid bipartisan support, but opposition from some members of both parties forced legislators to return to Washington despite staying home with the intention of controlling the spread of the virus.

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The Republican-led Senate passed the law on Tuesday, so approval by the House would send it to the White House, where President Donald Trump has promised to sign it into law quickly. The bill – which will be the fourth passage to resolve the crisis – provides funding to small businesses and hospitals battling the economic toll of an epidemic that has killed more than 45,000 Americans and employed more than 22 million.

Congress passed the last coronovirus relief bill of more than $2 trillion in March.

Some Democrats are unhappy that the latest bill loses financial support for state and local governments, which are affected by the impact of lost revenue. Some Republicans are unhappy that government spending has been approved so soon.
Trump has said he supports more funding for the states, and has promised to return it in future legislation after fellow Republicans refused to include it in the current relief package.

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Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell suggested in a radio interview Wednesday that states could go bankrupt, but later said they did not want states to use federal money for something related to coronoviruses.
‘Congress is important’
Echoing Trump, many Republicans also want the country – including Congress – to reopen more quickly than many more weeks recommended in many states.
House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday, “Congress is essential. The American public needs to see that we are working. The American public needs to understand that we can do this safely so that the state and others can Even open it. ” At a press conference outside the Capitol.

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House members on both sides said they were willing to risk the trip to ensure that the law was passed, with some posting selfies on social media from airplanes on which passengers were taken out of the crew Used to think
“People who feel they can vote should be encouraged to vote,” said Democratic Representative Pete Aguilar.
Aguilar spoke to Reuters on Tuesday after landing in Washington on a “very empty” flight from Los Angeles.

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The House will also vote on a select committee to study the response to the coronovirus outbreak. Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, however, backed out of voting on a measure to allow members to cast proxy votes on behalf of colleagues.
Instead of being pushed through the vote-by-proxy measure, Pelosi told Democrats that he and McCarthy would have a bipartisan group of House lawmakers reviewing remote voting by proxy.

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