Meembhoomi Land Record – Ror 1B & Village Map Online Check

Meembhoomi Land Record – The Meembhoomi Land Record Portal has been launched in Andhra Pradesh in collaboration with the Department of Revenue. This website has been launched with the objective of making all land related records available online in Andhra Pradesh. India is rapidly moving towards complete digitization, to make land records available online in Andhra Pradesh, the AP Meembhoomi ( website has been launched. This website is operated in collaboration with the Department of Land Reforms. It is a completely online process through which information such as Land Records Edge, Ror 1B & Village Map, etc. can be obtained.

Meembhoomi Land Record

Meembhoomi Land Record

Previously, all citizens of the state had to visit the concerned department for land records, but now the process has gone completely online. Now all citizens can collect all land related information at one click through an internet connection from home. Here in this article, we will share with you step by step guide through which you will be able to complete all the land related processes through the Bhoomi Bhumi AP Land Records Portal.

Meembhoomi – AP Land Record Portal

The Meembhoomi AP portal has been launched in collaboration with the Department of Revenue. Since the inception of this portal, all records related to Land Records Edge, Roar 1B and Village Map have been made online. All this information is now available online for everyone.

All records related to the land have been made accessible to the common people through the Meembhoomi portal. This portal eases the process of obtaining encumbrance certificates or land records with transparency. This portal can be used by anyone from any district, any village in Andhra Pradesh.

Features of Meebhoomi AP Land Record Portal

The Meembhoomi portal launched by the Andhra Pradesh Revenue Department has proved to be an easy way to obtain land records and related documents. Below we have given some details of this portal for you.

  • This portal ensures availability of land records in online mode. Through this, you can get land records online from anywhere.
  • All actions taken from the website can be completed through the released mobile app.
  • Field management book (FMB) and village maps can be viewed through the official website.
  • All office bearers and patterns are constantly informed about changes in SMS and their progress.
  • You can file your complaint about the land records on the website.

Meebhoomi AP Portal Services

If a citizen visits Meebhoomi 1B Land Records official website, they will get the benefit of the following services.

  • Ep 1b land record
  • Adangal Serve
  • Survey number
  • Board name
  • Land record Aadhaar card linkage
  • Pattadhar Passbook
  • Crop types inland
  • AP FMB (field measurement book)
  • List of village landlords
  • Pattadhar Passbook Statistics
  • Releases Mee Seva and Mee Bhoomi Report

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