Karnataka Driver Scheme – Rs. 5000 Taxi Driver Govt Scheme

Karnataka Driver Scheme – which has been launched by the concerned officials of Government of Karnataka to help all those who have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 lockdown and much more than all the relatively rich people of the society.

Karnataka Driver Scheme

Karnataka Driver Scheme

In this article, we will share with you step by step procedures in which you can apply online for Karnataka Chalak scheme. We will also share all the specifics of the plan and benefits with you.

Rs. 5000 Karnataka Driver Scheme

The Karnataka government on Wednesday announced a bundle of Rs 1,610 crore to help people in trouble due to COVID-19-institutional lockdown. The measures announced by Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa will help the farm, bloom producers, washermen, auto rickshaws and cab drivers, MSMEs, large enterprises, weavers, building laborers and hairstylists. The administration additionally announced a compulsion to withdraw 11 percent, which is not despite the six percent stated in the financial plan.

Purpose of Karnataka Driver Scheme

The main objective through which the scheme has been initiated by the concerned government officials of Karnataka is to provide financial assistance to those who have been most affected by the COVID-19 and lockdown situation in the country. The Chief Minister of Karnataka state has clearly stated that we should help all the poor farmers in the event of this lockout and we should buy their vegetables and fruits at the right and moderate rate so that they too can live their lives and live without any economic problems. Can.

Karnataka 5000 rupees benefits

There are several benefits of the Karnataka Chalak scheme which will be launched soon by the Government of Karnataka. Some of the benefits are given below: –

  • The Karnataka government split a monetary boost bundle of Rs 1610 crore.
  • As a component of the bundle, the legislature has elected to pay Rs 25,000 for each hectare to the extent of one hectare.
  • Sixty thousand washermen (Dhobi) and 2,30,000 hairstylists will be given a lump sum payment of Rs 5,000.
  • 7.75 lakh auto rickshaw and cab drivers will be given Rs 5,000 each as a one-time measure
  • The fixed charge for the month of MSMEs’ electricity bills will be postponed for two months.
  • Power buyers, all things considered, will be given motivators and concessions on the occasion to cover the tab in time.

Qualified Candidate

The following candidates are eligible to apply for the Karnataka Driver Scheme: –

  • The manufacturers
  • small and medium enterprises
  • Handloom
  • Weavers
  • Flower growers,
  • Dhobi
  • Barbers
  • Auto driver
  • vehicle driver
  • Cab driver

Karnataka Driver Scheme Application Process

The scheme was launched recently at a press conference by the Chief Minister of Karnataka State for official notification of the scheme and the official website of the scheme is not yet available to the general public. We will share with you through this website as soon as the information is updated by the concerned authorities.

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