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E Challan Status – How to Pay Challan Online – As technology advances, our traffic departments are also achieving advanced and strict related traffic regulations. Now not only will the traffic police catch you for rash driving, but cameras are also watching you on the roads if you break any traffic rules then you have to pay the challan. You will receive invoices directly at your home if you have caught breaking any traffic rules whether it is signal jump, through traffic or over speed. In this article today we are going to provide you all the information related to the e-challan status and the process of submission of challan, the process of checking the status of challan and other relevant information.

E Challan Status

E Challan Status

Before discussing the status of e-challan it is necessary to know what is e-challan? Challan is a payment that the citizens of the country have to pay if they break any traffic rules as per the guidelines issued by the traffic department. So far, this payment has to be done by citizens at specific locations, but as technology continues to advance, the Government of India has launched an online invoice payment portal, called “E-Challan – Digital Traffic / Transport Enforcement Solution”. Known by name.

What is E-Challan?

e-Challan is a modern programming application with an Android-based portable application and web interface. E-challan is produced for transport enforcement officers and traffic policemen to respond fully. This application is included with Vahan and Sarathi applications. It provides a plethora of features covering each and every important utility of the Traffic Enforcement System. The e-challan was inaugurated a few days ago to deliver invoices to people on the government’s official app. This will not only save the cost of paper, but will give the process a wider scope.

Purpose of E-Challan

Government of India wants to make the payment of invoicing process easier and less busy for the citizens of the country. Till now the citizens of India who have to fill the challan will have to go to the concerned office and wait for a long time outside the office to deposit the fine. As this e-challan method starts, this fine depositing process will become easier for the payers.

Procedure for checking e-challan status

First step

To check the status of the e-challan, the applicants have to follow the following steps:

  • To check the status of e-challan applicants, applicants have to visit the official website of e-challan – Digital Traffic / Transport Enforcement Solutions
  • From the home page of the website, you will have to click on the “Check invoice status” option from the menu bar.
  • A new web page will appear on the screen where you need to select “Invoice Number” or “Vehicle Number” or “DL Number”
  • Then enter the selected information and then enter the captcha code show on the screen
  • Click on “Get Details” option and your invoice information will appear on the screen

second step

  • Now after that click on Pay Now option.
  • After that choose your desired option to pay your invoice.
  • After successful payment, now generate invoice receipt online.

E-challan payment mode

Applicants can pay the challan through both online and offline modes. Steps you need to follow to submit an invoice:

E-challan Online method

There are two ways to pay traffic police e-challan through online mode. The first one is through the official website of the department and the second number is through the online payment module.

What happens if you do not pay traffic e invoice?

If you do not pay the traffic e challan then you will face legal consequences. A summons will be sent by the court to your residential address as the license holder and after that, you will be called to the court and asked to clarify to the judge about not following the traffic rules. If you do not go to court after being called and pay the traffic e challan then your driving license may be suspended. So always remember to pay your e-challan.

Fake E-challan site

There are many fake websites on the internet which are guiding the common people as the official website of e Challan. Please note that this is not an official website. It looks exactly like the official website. You should be very careful while paying. The fake site is using the URL somewhat like the official website and looks like the official website of E Challan. You are requested to be careful while making payments and take immediate action in respect of fake websites like filing and FIR.

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